Learning the ACT is like learning a language.

You can learn a lot on your own, but it can help to have someone by your side who speaks the language and can help you along the way.

My name is Adam Gronwald, and since 2010 I’ve been coaching high-school students on how to improve their ACT results. The standardized test format has always come very naturally to me. When I was a student in McAlester, OK, I took the ACT twice – scoring a 30 and then a 35 without any preparation. My goal when meeting with ACT students is to help them learn to “speak the ACT” – just like they would a foreign language.

My approach to ACT Coaching is to help students determine how they can approach the different sections of the test in the way that works best for them. This approach is very relational and takes time working problems alongside students, testing different methods, and marking progress over time. The result is that students feel comfortable and confident in their abilities, and are able to walk in on test day knowing they’re the most prepared person in the room.